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Asy Plateau – Bartogay Lake

Ile Alatau refers to the northern ridge of the Tien Shan mountainous country. Nomadic tribes of Kazakhs have named mountains as “Alatau” (translation means “motley”, “brindle”). A well-known Russian scientist and traveler Semenov-Tien-Shansky has called it’s as “Zailiyskie”.

Mountains began to form 12 million years ago; active growth has been noted over the last million year. They rise every year for 5 mm.

The ridge stretches from the West to the East for 380 km. The highest vertices are located in the central part of the ridge. The crest has a mark over 130 km more than 4000 meters above the sea level. Here are 22 peaks taller than 4500 m. The highest peak of Zailiysky Alatau is Talgar Peak (4937 m) that polished by nature in the form of a molar tooth and it becomes visible from the city. The granite mountain of Talgar is located above the famous peak of Europe – Mont Blanc (4807 m).

Climbing to this mountain is considered a solid chapter in the biography of a climber of any class. As a rule the climbing takes 3 days. There are many other magnificent peaks around Talgar peak: the Constitution – 4584 m, Kantbastau – 4647 m, Muztau – 4555 m, Bogatyr – 4626, Kopar – 4760 m, Aktau – 4760 m, Metallurg – 4800 m and many other peaks.

There are massive glaciers to the South of these peaks, such as Korzhenevsky – 11 km long and Bogatyr –

9.5 km long and accessible only from a helicopter or with a good guide. This area is the Almaty reserve and in order to enter its territory a special permit would be required. The reserve preserves the habitat of the snow leopard and many other animals, including deer, eagles, argali, gazelles.