Bektau-Ata – a volcanic massif

Bektau-Ata is a volcanic massif, one of the most beautiful sights of the northern Balkhash region. This tour of Kazakhstan attracts some sort of cosmic beauty as if we were on another planet. The mountain range is not very large itself and has about four thousand hectares only, but the number of interesting places here sweeps off scale.

Bektau-Ata is located on the territories of Aktogay district of Karaganda region. This is the territory of the Bektauatinsky state reserve which locates 60 km away to the North of Balkhash town. This mountain range is neither more nor less than an unborn volcano. Far back a large volcano was born here in the past in Paleozoic era on the border of the Carboniferous and Permian. It has melted the rocks but did not explode. In this place a giant granite cork remained that has closed the vent.

The volcanic massif that towering above the steppe can be seen in good weather for almost 100 km. There are many different legends associated with it. And there is a chance to look at some material evidence that not every popular rumor becomes as a myth. Bektau is available for holidays already in early spring!

The main attraction of Bektau-Ata is the legendary cave where, according to legend, the holy elder Bektau has lived. The mountain range has got its name in honor of him. Once, escaping from the chase, Bektau was hiding in a cave. The persecutors could not find him and he was surrounded by mountains. The old man had to wait a long time. And everything would be fine, but it’s impossible to live without water. And he prayed to the Almighty. And He was heard Bektau-Ata and created a holy spring in the depths of the cave as the source of fresh water.

The journey time to this place – which is away from Almaty 750 km – takes 11-12 hours
This is surprisingly Divine Place with beautiful landscapes and general appearances. There are lakes and interesting reliefs for walking and you can also ride a bike to take the ride around.
Recreation on Bektau-Ata is a weekend for holiday-makers: tents, sleeping bags, bonfire and all this as the romantic adventure O
It gives its highlight on the road when long waiting for a meeting with such a place.
When the route is chosen in the summer time, there would be possibility to stop at Balkhash Lake and swim in the lake.