Big Almaty Lake

Turquoise and emerald of southern Kazakhstan – Big Almaty Lake

The Big Almaty Lake (BAO) is a real eco-pearl. It is located in the heart of the ancient and majestic Tien Shan mountains at an altitude of more than 2500 m and attracts unique and mysterious beauty. The lake is one of the first places among one-day tours of the Almaty region. It is located in the high gorge of the Bolshaya Almatinka River – 28.5 km away from Almaty and takes within 40-50 minutes driving from the city.

Excursions to BAO and to the big Almaty gorge have become an integral part of traveling through our beautiful and original country. Tourism in Southern Kazakhstan is able to leave a deep trace in memory and helps to see the sights of Southern Kazakhstan and greatness the pristine nature of its regions.

You will be surprised by such a journey, because it runs along the steep serpentine mountain road of a very beautiful gorge called as Big Almaty gorge.

This is the territory of the border zone. It is compulsory to have documents with identity and immigration cards, if any.

How to get to BAO

Another question asked by those who chose to visit the Big Almaty Lake for recreation – is how to get it more convenient? The fact is that the road to BAO is really difficult.

The best way to visit the lake in the manner that you do not get tired and take belongings with you is cooperation with the company Jeeptour which provides jeeps and other vehicles that are most suitable for the conditions of any trip to the landmarks of Kazakhstan.

All the lakes of Kazakhstan are wondering for recreation, but it is still worth seeing the Big Almaty Lake in winter, when the color of its water “plays” from light emerald to deep turquoise color.

There is no sense to swim in it, because the water very cold, and water here becomes as protection zone. But it is possible to admire the beauty and not to miss the opportunity to sit with friends or family, fill the lungs with the purest air … Will this not fill you with vitality and the desire to live?

Be sure to visit BAO Kazakhstan

The Big Almaty Lake wait you: there are excursions on the most beautiful places, rest in ecologically pure region, meetings with interesting persons and places. The company “Jeeptour” will provide you with opportunities to take a better holiday in Kazakhstan at affordable prices.

When the clients wish, it is possible to visit the Falcon show in the nursery “Sunkar” at the entrance to the national park for a fee. It is the world’s largest cattery of hunting birds. Similar catteries are in Israel and Germany. You can also see here hunting dogs and wolves. Or you can book a horse ride.

The show starts daily at 16-30, then you can go to the lake at lunch.

Falcon shows cost about 1000 tenge per person, which would be specified on the site of the administration of the park.