Issyk Lake

The high altitude Issyk Lake locates 70 km to the east from Almaty at an altitude of more than 1,700 meters above sea level. Approximately 8 thousand years ago a grandiose collapse of one of the spurs of the Zailiysky Alatau formed a natural dam after which a lake appeared with beautiful bays. The slopes of the mountains covered with slender Tien Shan firs abruptly drop to lake and its reflection create “the cleanest and transparent, dense bluish-green color of the Trans- Baikal beryl” as the well-known geographer Semyonov-Tian-Shansky – the first scientist who catch sight of all this magnificence wrote about tis Lake in 1856.

This is one of the most beautiful lakes created by nature which was tragically splashed as a result of the mudflow in 1963. At the moment it is being restored and again pleases tourists with its beauty.

The road to the lake passes by the Issyk burial mounds where the “Golden Man” was found which has become now a symbol of Kazakhstan. Not far from the lake there are beautiful rocks which bear the name “The Kremlin Wall”.

The lake is located on the border of the National Natural Park Ili-Alatau and Almaty Reserve where a special regime for the protection of flora and fauna is observed. This “neighborhood” gives you the opportunity when you are lucky of course to see roe deer or red deer.

The lake is surrounded itself by picturesque gorges and rocks in the form of the “Kremlin Wall”.

This is a great place for leisure time and picnics. To the left of the lake there are many meadows where you can comfortably settle down and relax from the city bustle to breathe the clean mountain air.

This Tour is recommended to fans of outdoor activities and wishing to remove the urban fatigue. You need to wear comfortable shoes and clothes for your convenience.