Charyn Canyon

Charyn Canyon (also known as Sharyn Canyon, Kazakh: Шарын шатқалы, Sharyn shatqaly) is a canyon on the Sharyn River in Kazakhstan (200 kilometres (120 mi) east of Almaty, close to the Chinese border). The canyon is roughly 90 kilometres (56 mi) in length.[1] It is part of the Charyn National Park (established on 23 February 2004), and is located within the territory of the Uygur District, Raiymbek District and Enbekshikazakh District (of the Almaty Province). Over time, the […]

Semirechye – Almaty region

There are most of the tours in the Almaty region around Kazakhstan. The area from Almaty to Balkhash Lake is historically known as Semirechye or “the country of seven rivers”. It is one of the richest and interesting regions of the country. Ili River flows from China to the West flowing into Balkhash Lake as […]

Bektau-Ata – a volcanic massif

Bektau-Ata is a volcanic massif, one of the most beautiful sights of the northern Balkhash region. This tour of Kazakhstan attracts some sort of cosmic beauty as if we were on another planet. The mountain range is not very large itself and has about four thousand hectares only, but the number of interesting places here […]

Wooden lake

This is a fabulous place for those who like to passively rest on the sand near a warm lake in the unexplored wilderness. There is no civilization, cafes, hotels and settlements. The water in the lake so warm during the season which resembles a warm Jacuzzi in the recreation area. And the sand is so […]


The peak of Khan-Tengri (Lord of Spirits) is one of the most beautiful peaks of the Central Tien Shan massif. The marble top is visible almost from everywhere in the form of an ideal pointed pyramid.The mountain is shrouded in legends since ancient times. It is also called Tengritau (Mountain of God) and Kantau (Blood […]

Mountains of the Zailiyskiy Alatau

Zailiysky Alatau refers to the northern ridge of the Tien Shan mountainous country. Kazakh Nomadic tribes called the mountains “Alatau” (translation means “partly colored”, “skewbald”). A well-known Russian scientist and traveler Semenov-Tien-Shansky named them as “Zailiyskiy”. Mountains have begun to form 12 million years ago and active growth has been noted over the last million […]

General information about Kazakhstan

Dear friends!!! When you choose the tours around Kazakhstan you probably need to know about this amazing country. In this article you will be informed with its culture, history, nature, landscape, flora, fauna, geographical location and much more. A rich culture absorbed the legacy of the ancestors of Attila, Al-Farabi, Zarathushtra, and Genghis Khan. As […]


Almaty is the largest metropolis of the country, even after the loss of the capital status, the city remains a small state within the state. It is a cultural scientific, financial, commercial, transport and tourist center of Kazakhstan. It is the most beautiful city at the foot of the emerald ridges of the Tien Shan […]


Medeo is largest high-mountain complex of winter sports in the world. The skating rink is located in the same natural boundary at an altitude of 1700 meters above sea level. The meadow Medeo is located at an altitude of 1520 – 1750 meters above sea level in the valley of the Malaya Almatinka River and […]


The Chimbulak ski resort is located in the picturesque gorge of the Zailiysky Alatau at an altitude of 2260 meters above sea level, and 25 kilometers away from Almaty city. It is famous for its mild climate with lots of sunny days. Stable snow covers from November to May and magnificent views of the surrounding […]

The Great Almaty Gorge

Big Almaty Lake is located in Great Almaty Gorge at an altitude of 2511 meters above sea level and 285 km away from Almaty. It locates within the hollow like a sparkling mirror that is surrounded on all sides by majestic peaks. The overwhelming majority of the mountain lakes of the Tien Shan arose as […]

Small Almaty Gorge

Small Almaty gorge impresses with its panorama: Mokhnatka Mountain with a dense cap of spruce forest; trapezoidal Kumbel above it, beyond Abai peak that cut blue of the morning sky; and huge cliffs of Tuyuk-Su gate. This area is known for 46 climbing routes both the simplest level to the most difficult level. A huge […]

Plateau Ustyurt – a desert between the seas

Ustyurt is a plateau in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, located between Mangyshlak and Kara-Bogaz-Gulf in the West, and Aral Sea and the Amudarya delta river in the East. Plateau area is a clayey and clayey-gravelly desert with area of about 200 thousand square kilometers. Also, there are the sections of sandy desert. The plateau of Ustyurt […]