Small Almaty Gorge

Small Almaty gorge impresses with its panorama: Mokhnatka Mountain with a dense cap of spruce forest; trapezoidal Kumbel above it, beyond Abai peak that cut blue of the morning sky; and huge cliffs of Tuyuk-Su gate. This area is known for 46 climbing routes both the simplest level to the most difficult level. A huge alpine meadow is located Between the Small and Great Almaty gorges called Kok-Jailau. This is one of the most popular hiking routes. The ascent to the Kok-Jailau plateau starts from the recreation center Prosveshchenets, located just above the confluence of the Malaya Almatinka river and Battery river (below Medeo rink for 1 km). The entire ascent passes through spruce and birch forests and takes 2-3 hours. This route is also interesting in wintertime. Fans of sledges and skis master with great pleasure the 8-kilometer long and not steep slope. From the plateau you can climb the the neighboring summit of Kumbel – 3200 meters above sea level. Exit to the ridge of Kumbel mountain passes near the large rocky exits called “Three brothers” (3000 m).

The huge cliffs of Tuyuk-Su gate open the way to the Tuyuk-Su granite peak (4200 m). Tuyuk-Su is located to the right of the ski resort of Chimbulak. Perhaps, this is the most accessible of the glaciers in the region. It is located in the center of the glacial group forming a horseshoe-shaped circus that 3.5 km long and 1.5 km thick. The glacier shrinks an average of 10 meters per year, as a result of which the meltwater has formed a lake in the summer. In the period of intense melting of the snow the lake overflows and can cause the formation of mudflow. A complex hydraulic structures was provided to protect Almaty and adjacent valleys from mudflows in the valley of the Malaya Almatinka River.

The gorge of Left Talgar with a swift river Surprising is surprising with steep cliffs and alpine meadows. Magnificent glacier landscapes always cause admiration of travelers with their dazzling whiteness.

The stormy rivers of Gorelnik and Butakovka create a number of elegant small waterfalls. The amazing horse and foot routes laid through the Medeo tract to the Kim-Asar mountain pass (2060 m). the road lies along the small mountain river Kim-Asar. One of the most beautiful places along the route route is the entrance and the Bukovsky gorge itself. This is a paradise of placer aspen and birches, sunny meadows with the heady smell of flowers. There is a wonderful place for a picnic on the edge of a forest surrounded by giant spruce tents almost at the mountain pass Butakovsky. You can admire the graceful Butakovsky waterfall nearby on the left gorge which has the thickets of wild raspberries. Still greater more fascinating is the Pass of Lesnoy (2650 m) you will see a wonderful unforgettable view of the mountain valleys when you overcome it in the forehead along the slope. A skiing base “Almatau” (1870 m) is located in the tract of Kotyrbulak. There is a sanatorium “Tau-Samal” below it.