Turgen Gorge

here is a beautiful corner of nature of Turgen Gorge in the National Park Ile-Alatau that 90 km away from Almaty. There are the trout nursery, waterfalls and many forests in the gorge, as well rich coniferous and mixed forests, alpine and subalpine meadows, lakes and springs, medicinal plants and berries – all its go deep itto 44 km to the huge plateau of Assy (2567 m). The caravans from Europe to the East to China and India passed through the “Tsar’s Gate” in ancient times. The wide valley stretches for 60 km to the East.

The gorge itself is famous for its relict Chin-Turgen moss spruce trees, creeping along the ground and forming a continuous fir-tree carpet too.

This tour is famous for about 7 waterfalls in the Turgen gorge within Kazakhstan.

Bear’s waterfall attracts by its 30 meters high. It is located in a picturesque place among overhanging rocks and green firs with distance 1 km from the road that passes through the gorge, at an altitude of 1559 meters above sea level. A mountain path leads from the road to the waterfall. It is the closest and most popular of the Turgen waterfalls. It is not difficult getting to. You can go well through the path and meet returning travelers or vacationers on the way before the ascent.

In addition to the fact that the waterfall is located in a very beautiful place itself, a stormy and foamy stream of water literally cuts into the rock as if trying to break through it completing a picturesque landscape of overhanging rocks on three sides. The smallest splashes scatter in all directions forming a real cloud.

Kairak waterfall is the second of the waterfalls of the Turgen gorge that accessible to tourists. The waterfall of Kairak is famous for the powerful water flow that has pierced the whole tunnel in the rock. The rocks in the tract are destroyed by earthquakes and store the prints of plants of the preglacial period.

The waterfall is located at an altitude of 2130 m above sea level. The waterfall of Kairak (Kairak waterfall) is named so not by chance and when you come closer to the waterfall you will see that the waterfall literally protogged its way to the gorge (Kayra – translated from the Kazakh language – as grindstone). This is the highest waterfall in the Turgen gorge.

The Kairak waterfall is higher than the Bear’s waterfall (the height of the waterfall is 55 m, with the rapids of 74 m, the height of the fall of the main stream is about 40 m), but it is much more difficult to reach it: the waterfall is 3 hours from the forestry.

The reward for such a long journey will be the amazing panorama that opens to the view for tourists – virgin nature, severe rocks and stunning beauty. Kairak is majestic and powerful waterfall that locates on the right tributary of the river Turgel – Bozgul. The deafening roar of the waterfall and myriad splashes and life-giving cool meet everyone who having overcome a difficult path came to the highest waterfall of the Turgen gorge.

The distance from Batan village to Kairak waterfall is about 8 km. The road starts from the confluence of the Turgen and Kishi Turgen rivers and runs along Turgen river (the landmark – sign “Waterfall 8 km”).

The car can be left at the hostel (500 tenge,) or in the parking lot (parking is not guarded). The road will lead somewhere after 500 m to a pedestrian bridge across the river and then goes on the ascent. The rise is quite gentle and the road lies along the picturesque Turgen gorge so that on the way to the waterfall you can enjoy the surrounding scenery and clean air. Along the way, there are several small bridges across the river.

You will come to the confluence of the rivers Turgen and Chinturgen somewhere in a kilometer

When you turn to the Chinturgen gorge you will get in the Chinturgen moss spruce forests. And the road to the falls turns to the left. The road will take you to a meadow after 7 km where an influx of Bozgul inflows to Turgen falls. You need to cross to the right bank of Bozgul to get to the Kairak waterfall along the boardwalk and go for another kilometer long the riverbed. This section of the road is most difficult and steep. You need to go up to the observation deck to see the waterfall from the closest distance (the staircase leads to it, if would be remain. Because of the constant humidity wooden steps quickly decay). There are only two observation sites: from the front and from the side of the path.

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