Ushkonyr is a unique flight place. Currently, it is the largest of the officially registered deltadrome throughout the CIS. The Deltadrome covers an area of five hundred square kilometers. Important characteristics of this flying place is the availability of convenient high-altitude starts, a lot of safe landing areas, well-developed in the valley road infrastructure, the proximity of the deltadrome to the Almaty city and of course the famous soft Almaty weather which allows to fly with a set of heights and flights on the route.


  • Starting point 
    • Almaty
  • Departure
    • 07:00 
  • Arrival
    • 18:00 
  • Dress-code
    • Warm clothes
  • Included
    • Paragliding 
    • Ecological fees 
    • Transportation 
    • Additional equipment
    • Personal guide

Time Schedule:

08:00departure from Alma-Ata
11:30arrival to the place of start, briefing
14:00rest time
17:00departure to Alma-Ata
18:00arrival in Alma-Ata